Easingwold Rural District Council is long gone but in broad outline its area is still our area of interest.

Forest of Galtres Society is a membership organisation. We hold five, sometimes six monthly lectures in the winter and guests are welcome at £2 per person. In the summer months we make expeditions to interesting places, quite often connected with the lectures, and these events attract a payment from all who attend.

We undertake small projects at times. These can be in publishing, and to improve the local environment, and could be with assistance from relevant local councils.

In 2009 we were assisted by a grant from the Awards for All Lottery Fund, purchasing equipment to use to widen access for everyone to what we do. We intend to create an archive which will be accessible.

Membership is open to all who share our interest. You are most welcome to contact us and attend our events. Membership information is here.

  • Local history studies
  • Visiting country houses
  • Visiting museums and exhibitions
  • Watching and commenting upon planning applications
  • Caring for where we live – our market town of Easingwold
  • Learning about interesting subjects through lectures and visits
  • Archaeological discoveries and professionally supervised fieldwalking
  • Small projects to improve our environment
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