February 20, 2019

Our concluding winter lecture on March 27th will be given by Professor Jim Sharpe, who is Emeritus Professor of Early Modern History, University of York.

He will talk about Dick Turpin: Myth and Reality. Jim has written a book on Dick Turpin, so there will be plenty of interest to hear about. Criminality in an unusual subject for us to receive a lecture about, but we must all wait and see!

The winter programme is  published on the website footer. We invite everyone to come along to our winter evening meetings.  They commence at 7.30pm.

The programme for the summer’s events is under preparation. The programme cards will be distributed later, and full details are not put on the website to respect the privacy of the places which we visit.  We hope that you understand this need to protect the destination details by withholding them from general availability on the website.

Annual Subscriptions are £7.50 per person, due in October.  Guests are welcome at £2 per person per event in addition to the cost of the event itself.  We always look forward to welcoming people to our events.

Do come along to some or all of our events.  We are a friendly group, and we like to meet new friends and welcome old friends coming to our meetings.  After lectures, we have tea or coffee and biscuits (40 pence per person) available to encourage members and guests to talk with the lecturer in an informal setting.

This winter season has had six lectures. Usually we have five, but with the excellent offers to lecture which we have received there was no way we would not wish to accept and fit them into the schedule.

Our Good News!

January 15, 2017

We are delighted to inform members and all those interested in the Society that we now have a new president.  This is with effect from 12 January 2017.

We have, since the early 1990s, been honoured to have Dr Peter Addyman as our president.  With Peter wishing to relinquish that post we were set a massive task to find just the right person to take on the position.

It is with real pleasure from all concerned that we can announce that Professor Joann Fletcher, Visiting Professor in Archaeology at the University of York has graciously accepted our invitation and she has been elected president.

We were so pleased to welcome her personally at the Annual General Meeting last Thursday. We had a good attendance at the meeting, and more will be reported shortly on the excellent academic lecture which we enjoyed after the business meeting.

Awards for All

April 27, 2009

The National Lottery has today announced its support for the work of an Easingwold society by awarding them a grant of £9,950 under the Awards for All Scheme.

The Forest of Galtres Society, the lucky winners of this grant aid here in North Yorkshire, has ambitious plans to widen its goals and use information technology to improve what it does.

Forest of Galtres Society Chairman, Dr Frank Kirk, says; ‘This will be a great opportunity for us. We are a small society, founded in 1953, so well before most civic societies came into being. We hope to study much more of the history of the area and to make an archive. This will be made available on our new website, which will be created as an important part of improving communications. The grant of Lottery Funding will enable us to use digital information technology, which otherwise we could not have afforded. The Lottery Award will enable the archiving of information in an accessible way, and will enable us to participate in archaeological and historical research supported with good recording facilities.’

Three members of the Committee will have laptops and printers for the purpose of communicating and the preparation of reports and documents. This will enable the good work we began in summer 2008 with a Stone Tool Surgery at Easingwold Library, to continue. We enjoyed some supervised archaeological fieldwalking in spring 2009, and we hope to continue to widen our knowledge with the help of professional archaeologists.

The opportunities in front of us are really good and this funding will provide a great boost for the Forest of Galtres Society.

Contact:    Forest of Galtres Society, Hon Secretary, Helen Kirk Tel: 01347 821685


Funded by the National Lottery through Awards for All