Current 2018 postholders

President: Professor Joann Fletcher 

Chairman: Dr F A Kirk

Hon Treasurer: Mr N Madden, Tel: 823049

Hon Secretary: Mrs Helen Kirk, Crawford House, Easingwold. Tel: 821685

Annual subscriptions are due in October and admit the member personally to all the winter lectures for no further payment unless the programme card says otherwise. Membership costs £7.50 for the 2017-2018 season.

Summer and winter programme cards are distributed to members, and our winter events are publicised in The Easingwold Advertiser and Weekly News, and those events, and the summer visits are written up therein, subsequently.

All who share our interest in Easingwold, its history and caring for its environment are genuinely welcome to join the Forest of Galtres Society, and to share what we do.

Please apply for membership and for copies of the Diary of William Lockwood to The Honorary Secretary by email or by post.

How to find us

To find the winter lecture venue; head for the Parish Church Room which is on Tanpit Lane where it meets Bonneycroft Lane;

Tanpit Lane is a one-way street entering Easingwold market place from the north west corner, near Easingwold Library. The easiest approach by car is via Long Street, turning off towards the east along either Church Hill or Church Avenue, and again east along Tanpit Lane. Parking is free, on nearby streets, or in the market place.

To leave our venue, drive towards the market place, then keep right around the market place, taking the route straight ahead, Little Lane (one-way) towards Long Street, and turn right for north and Thirsk, and left for south and York. Street direction signs are scarce despite this society having many times asked for some to replace those taken down in the early 1980s.

Here is the postcode; YO61 3HD to input into your smart phone or sat nav.

How to join

For more information on how to become a member of The Forest of Galtres Society, please contact

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