Winter programme

17/10/18 Anglian York

08/11/18 The Archaeology of the A14 

05/12/18 Armageddon (in ancient times, ie from 3000 BC)

09/01/19 AGM  Armageddon: The Battle of Megiddo, 100 years on

13/02/19 Antarctica – Romance, Science and Conservation

27/03/19 Dick Turpin: Myth and Reality

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October 24, 2018

Dr Steve Sherlock, who has lectured to the Society several times before, has chosen as his topic for his lecture on 8th November, a very long (both in time and in distance) archaeological project he is currently involved with – the major road-widening and re-aligning at the northern part onto a new course, of the A14 north from the city of Cambridge to Huntingdon and the A1M.  This has produced an enormous variety of finds and results cover a large spread of time. The actual details we will hear when Steve addresses us.

The December and the January topic with be the place then known as Armageddon, now as Megiddo. We have two excellent lecturers lined up; firstly from our President, Professor Joann Fletcher. Joann will talk in December about archaeology from 3000BC at Armageddon, and she will also look at recent events and archaeological finds, leaving the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Megiddo safely in the hands of committee member, writer and academic, Dr Francis Toase. Francis will give his talk after the Annual General Meeting on 9th January.

In February, Tom Hardie-Forsyth will talk to the Society about his scientific researches in Antarctica.

The March lecture will be given by Professor Jim Sharpe, Professor of Early Modern History, University of York. He will talk about Dick Turpin: Myth and Reality.

The winter programme is  published on the website footer. We invite everyone to come along to our winter evening meetings.  They commence at 7.30pm.

Annual Subscriptions are £7.50 per person, due in October.  Guests are welcome at £2 per person per event in addition to the cost of the event itself.  We always look forward to welcoming people to our events.

Do come along to some or all of our events.  We are a friendly group, and we like to meet new friends and welcome old friends coming to our meetings.  After lectures, we have tea or coffee and biscuits (40 pence per person) available to encourage members and guests to talk with the lecturer in an informal setting.

This winter season will have six lectures. Usually we have five, but with the excellent offers to lecture which we have received there was no way we would not wish to accept and fit them into the schedule.

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