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Admirality IslandsEndemic Bird Areas of the world

General characteristicsThe Admiralty Islands, politically part of Papua New Guinea, are often grouped with the St Matthias Islands (EBA 194) and the larger islands of New Britain and New Ireland (EBA 195) into the Bismarck archipelago, but are here treated as an EBA in their own right. The much smaller islands surrounding the main island of Manus also harbour restricted range species and so are included within the EBA.

The hilly terrain of Manus (reaching 719 m on Mt Dremsel) is covered in rain forest up to its cheap jerseys china maximum altitude, with cheap wholesale jerseys an estimated 80% of vegetation being primary forest in 1987 (Kula et al. undated).

Restricted range speciesAll the restricted range species occur in forest, and a number occur in secondary wholesale nba jerseys growth. There are no reported avifaunal changes with altitude.

Of the six species confined to this EBA, four are endemic to Manus, with wholesale jerseys Monarcha infelix and Rhipidura semirubra occurring on some of the surrounding islands (there are records from Lou, Fedarb, San Miguel, Rambutyo, Pak and Tong). Several of the more widespread restricted range species are small island birds and occur in other Papuan island and Melanesian EBAs, but do not show clear affinities to any single EBA.Articles Connexes:

Winter programme

16/10/21 Extraordinary General Meeting and Lecture- ‘Wine in Ancient Egypt: the drink of gods and pharaohs’

00/00/21 Lecture

10/02/22 Lecture; Jet Mining

10/03/22 Lecture; Eastfield – Roman Excavations

00/00/22 AGM

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NEWS, amended detail; 11th October 2021

October 11, 2021

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that we have arranged a Lecture meeting for the Society, to be held in person. This is a superb way of starting up our meetings once more, for our speaker is to be our President, Professor Joann Fletcher. 

Her lecture title is ‘Wine in Ancient Egypt: the drink of gods and pharaohs’ 

The date is Saturday 16th October. The doors will open just after 2pm. We will begin at 2.15pm, with an Extraordinary General Meeting, before the lecture itself begins.

The venue, which we do hope you will enjoy, is the Methodist Chapel, Chapel Street, Easingwold. The postcode, should you need it, is YO61 3AE.

Locals will know where to park but for those coming from beyond Easingwold, there is a small amount of parking in front of the Chapel best kept available for those with mobility needs and our speaker for the day. There is some parking space just prior to reaching the Chapel, on the other side of Chapel Street. There is an HDC carpark off Showfield Drive, and, of course, the market place.

11th October 2021, helpful information!

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that worshippers attending the Methodist Chapel do not wear a face covering unless they are actually singing hymns.

This means that we can follow the same practice of not wearing a face covering unless we wish to, in the Methodist Chapel buildings.

We are sure this will be a great relief for you all.

There is also good news of two more lectures with details nearly finalised. They will be held in the Methodist Chapel, on Thursdays, in the evening – always our preference and probably yours too, in February and in March 2022. In each case we expect the date to be 10th of the month. There are other lectures in process of arrangement.

Chris Twigg will be talking in February about Jet Mining, a subject he has been researching recently.

Dr Pete Wilson will be lecturing in March on the recent excavations which have produced amazing Roman remains and in which he participated as a lead person, at Eastfield, near Scarborough.  Your Chairman and Secretary attended one of the only visits (fewer than a dozen people attended) which were allowed onto the site, in pouring rain, with very slippery mud underfoot, in the early summer. Never has it been more important to have walking poles to keep one upright!

Dr Steve Sherlock will be giving us a lecture on a subject of his choice. Nothing fixed yet.

We shall be holding our usual raffle on Saturday 16th October.  We shall welcome you in the entrance vestibule and offer you a chance to purchase raffle tickets there. This time it will be £1 a ticket, not a strip of five tickets. This means less paper needs to be handled but the money handed over remains the same. We will be hearing a lecture entitled Wine in Ancient Egypt: the drink of gods and pharaohs as you already know, and there will be a special bottle of wine which has been donated as a prize. Please bear with us as we may not hand over the wine bottle to the winner within the building.  A committee member will hand it to you at the door as you leave. Other prizes may be handed to the winner.

It is quite a challenge, organising lectures after so long without indoor meetings, and we hope you will bear with us as we get used to a new venue. We can assure you that the equipment at the Chapel is top quality. We will be taught on Friday how to operate it!

We look forward to welcoming you for what promises to be a superb lecture on 16th October, given by our President, Professor Joann Fletcher.

In the usual course of events subscriptions are due in October and many of you pay at the first meeting. This time, as we are holding an Extraordinary General Meeting before the lecture, the Secretary would rather not be taken up with receiving subscriptions when the reason for the EGM is that our new venue is going to be more costly to hire than the Parish Church Room. To overcome part of that cost increase it is going to be essential that the subscription rate is increased from £7.50 to £10 per person for the 2021-2022 season. It has been held at £7.50 since the 2008-09 season.

We also propose that everyone who attends pays £2 for the privilege, thus ending the lectures being free for our members. I am sorry that this payment needs to be introduced, but I do hope that you can understand. The cost of hiring the new lecture hall is two and a half times the price paid previously. We will benefit from superior IT equipment, and, it will not be necessary for us to move chairs at all, and, the Society’s own equipment need not be hauled to and fro for our lectures.

Your Secretary has investigated several other venues but none seemed even slightly suitable, for various significant reasons.

It is with much pleasure that we invite you all to come to our events. We would very much hope that you can support and approve the need to increase subscriptions and bring in a payment for lectures with immediate effect, ie for the subscription year commencing on 1st October 2021.   This is your formal notification of the holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting on 16th October 2021

Thank you               Frank Kirk, Chairman, and supported by every committee member.

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