Winter programme

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17/10/18 Anglian York 

05/12/18 Armageddon (in ancient times, ie from 3000 BC)

09/01/19 AGM  Armageddon: The Battle of Megiddo 100 years on

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July 4, 2018

It is once more the time of year to arrange the winter lecture programme. There are some really interesting topics which we have been promised. I expect the first topic with be the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Megiddo (Armageddon, to the English speaking world) in the First World War.

Our President, Professor Joann Fletcher says she will come and give us another lecture. What a treat!  She is so enjoyable to listen to and with that lovely gentle Barnsley lilt. Joann sends her greetings to all Forest of Galtres Society members.

The summer excursion season is well underway. One of the August visits is restricted to only a small number of participants, namely a dozen, by the venue itself, which has restricted space within its walls.  We hope that you will understand that aspect of booking for some excursions.

When the winter programme is ready it will be published on the website footer and programme cards will be distributed to members. We invite everyone to come along to our winter evening meetings.  They commence at 7.30pm.

Annual Subscriptions are £7.50 per person, due in October.  Guests are welcome at £2 per person per event in addition to the cost of the event itself.  We always look forward to welcoming you to future events.

Do come along to some or all of our events.  We are a friendly group, and we like to meet new friends and welcome old friends coming to our meetings.  After lectures, we have tea or coffee and biscuits (40 pence per person) available to encourage members and guests to talk with the lecturer in an informal setting.

Whilst we are still basking in the unexpected July heat of summer, I will return to the summer programme, and ask that if you have put your names on the lists for forthcoming visits, it is helpful to know if you can actually come, now that you have the actual dates on the programme card.

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