Winter programme

00/00/20 Lecture

08/10/20 Jet Mining – postponed to next season. No event on this date.

00/00/20 Lecture

00/00/21 Lecture

08/04/21 AGM. Arab influence on Architecture in Spain

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October 1, 2020

It is most encouraging to have received the considerable repsonse to the Questionnaire/Newsletter circulated to members in August.  Thank you to you all, for promptly responding.

As of 9th September, Government Law says we cannot meet in groups of more than six people. Your Secretary has tried to find a method for providing members with a lecture on the provisional date of 8th October. It has proved impossible to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the holding of a safe or virtual event.

Our lecturer was to have been Chris Twigg.  He has already said he will come another time to lecture to us. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that.

Your committee hopes to meet in safe manner to consider the Questionnaire results.  The support shown by our membership is very much appreciated.

All events on the 2020 Summer Programme card will be rescheduled to a later season.

Regarding the April 2021 winter programme event, please watch for information on the website. It will be updated as necessary.

Annual Subscriptions are £7.50 per person, and they are now due, as of 1st October.  Please drop a cheque to the Secretary’s home for the renewal  for 2020/2021. The cashing of your cheque is a legal form of receipt so you will know your funds have been credited to Forest of Galtres Society.

Guests are welcome at £2 per person per event in addition to the cost of an event itself.  We always look forward to welcoming people to our events.

Do come along to some or all of our events.  We are a friendly group, and we like to meet new friends and welcome old friends coming to our meetings.  After lectures, we have tea or coffee and biscuits, available to encourage members and guests to talk with the lecturer in an informal setting. For virtual events, please make your own refreshments at home!

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