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Admirality IslandsEndemic Bird Areas of the world

General characteristicsThe Admiralty Islands, politically part of Papua New Guinea, are often grouped with the St Matthias Islands (EBA 194) and the larger islands of New Britain and New Ireland (EBA 195) into the Bismarck archipelago, but are here treated as an EBA in their own right. The much smaller islands surrounding the main island of Manus also harbour restricted range species and so are included within the EBA.

The hilly terrain of Manus (reaching 719 m on Mt Dremsel) is covered in rain forest up to its cheap jerseys china maximum altitude, with cheap wholesale jerseys an estimated 80% of vegetation being primary forest in 1987 (Kula et al. undated).

Restricted range speciesAll the restricted range species occur in forest, and a number occur in secondary wholesale nba jerseys growth. There are no reported avifaunal changes with altitude.

Of the six species confined to this EBA, four are endemic to Manus, with wholesale jerseys Monarcha infelix and Rhipidura semirubra occurring on some of the surrounding islands (there are records from Lou, Fedarb, San Miguel, Rambutyo, Pak and Tong). Several of the more widespread restricted range species are small island birds and occur in other Papuan island and Melanesian EBAs, but do not show clear affinities to any single EBA.Articles Connexes:

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NEWS, September 2021

September 1, 2021

Your Hon. Secretary has been busy arranging a series of autumn events for our membership. So far, we have three lecturers who are happy to come and give us talks, in person.  There are no dates fixed yet.  Other lecturers have also been asked if they would like to give us lectures. There may also be another outdoor event which would be after September, but details are not ready yet.

We hope that you have enjoyed the summer events we have held. They have been very well attended. It has been so good to see each other again and to have time to talk, safely, in the fresh air.

It is hoped that a committee meeting can be held soon to catch up, in person, on the formal business matters which have been continuing in the background.

Our lecturer, Chris Twigg whom we invited for last season, has already said he will come to lecture to us this forthcoming season.

Guests are welcome at £2 per person per event in addition to the cost of an event itself.  We always look forward to welcoming new people to our events. This time we will be meeting in a new venue. Details will follow shortly.

Do come along to some or all of our events.  We are a friendly group, and we like to meet new friends and welcome old friends coming to our meetings.  After lectures, we still intend to have tea or coffee and biscuits, available to encourage members and guests to talk with the lecturer in an informal setting.


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