Forest of Galtres Society


The Society had its origin in a series of informal and exploratory meetings held at irregular intervals during 1953. Those present on these three or four occasions came finally to the common mind that a Society should be brought into existence with the object of pursuing the study of local history and doing what such a Society could to interest local people in the appreciation and preservation of our historical treasures and heritage both tangible and intangible.

It was further decided that the Society should take for its compass of work and interests, without there being any hard and fast rule in the matter, the field embraced by the administrative area of Easingwold Rural District Council.

From this area it hopes to draw membership and already there are members from most villages. Membership is open to ALL who believe that they have an identity of interests with the aims of the Society or who would like to be associated in the study of and work on the history of our locality and its community life with especial reference to the practice and preservation of local traditional craftsmanship.

It is proposed as time and opportunity offer to visit and hold meetings in the villages comprising the area, and already some such visits have been arranged.

If you care, as we hope you will, to become a member of the Society you may do so by getting into touch with the officers of the Society.

(These below held office in the early days, not now.)


Market Place,



Market Street,



Market Place,



Oxenby Close,


The Annual subscriptions are:-

5/- per annum

2/6 per annum – Junior membership (14 to 18 years)

Forest of Galtres Society Minute Book

Committee meeting held in the Parish Rooms on October 13th (Tuesday) 1953
Present Mr Drake, Dr Balf, Mrs J C Warner, Mrs R Knowles, Miss Smith, Miss I Dale, Rev. R S Hawkins, Mr Farmer, Col Twigg, Mr R Medd, Cmd Kenyon
Apology of absence for Mr P Crombie

Mr Drake read a letter from the Yorkshire Archaeological Society on the question of affiliation of this society. Matter awaits decision of Council of Y.A.S.

i) Proposed by Col Twigg and seconded by Mr Medd that 1st year’s subscription (5/- for full membership and 2/6 for junior years 14-18 years) until Dec 31st 1954.
ii) Proposed by Miss Smith and seconded by Mr Medd that cheques be signed by two persons to be drawn from the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary.

Aims of Society
Proposed by Rev Hawkins and seconded by Miss Smith that the Aims of the Society should be “study of local history and preservation of historical and cultural treasures” and of amenities.

Area of interest to embrace the area of the Easingwold Rural District Council as constituted in 1953.

Immediate Aims to be
1) Talks and discussions during winter
2) Excursions during summer

Research and field work as opportunities arise

Summer Programme

May 6th …… Tour of Easingwold conducted by Mr C. Needham.

May 25th ..… Visit to Sutton-on-Forest.

July 6th .…… Visit to Husthwaite & Carlton Husthwaite.

July 28th .….. Visit to Thormanby & Raskelfe.

Members wishing to go on excursions must notify the Secretary or Assistant Secretary one week before hand. The approximate cost will be 3/- per outing. (Including light refreshments) except for the meeting on May 6th.

Assembly in the Market Place at 6-30 in all cases.

(This is the typical summer visit programme. We are more adventurous now, and, of course, costs have gone up a bit from what you see here.)

Funded by the National Lottery through Awards for All