Forest of Galtres Society

Winter programme

6/10/22 Lecture;  ‘Islamic Gardens in Spain – Reflections!’

10/11/22 Lecture; ‘Northerners: A History, from the Ice Age to the Present Day’

26/01/23 AGM and Lecture; ‘A UNESCO Global Geopark for East Yorkshire’

25/02/23 Lecture; ‘The Great North Road: then and now’

23/03/23 Lecture; ‘Collapse of the lead mines in Victorian Swaledale: Where did the miners go?’

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February 9, 2023

Saturday 25th February 2023 is the next Meeting of the Society

At the meeting we shall hear a lecture by Chris ‘Woolfie’ Cooper. Chris will be talking about The Great North Road. This road, which has been officially classified as the A1 since 1922, has been the main route between London and Edinburgh since earliest times.  But roads change and so much of the original has since been by-passed leaving an intriguing trail of discovery for driver and author Chris ‘Wolfie’ Cooper.  As we travel the 400 miles, Chris’s story follows every twist and turn of the old road, past the remains of by-gone carriageways, forgotten by-ways, dead ends, and wayside rest houses of distant memory, and even trace parts which have completely disappeared.

Chris has driven this road, and many others, and he has traced the route the road has followed over the years. Bypasses, improvements,  dualling, roundabouts, new bridges, bottlenecks, hostelries, bars – but not quite that sort of bar with pints, all have come and gone. You will know several junctions with the name suffixed by Bar; Grimston Bar, Barnsdale Bar from mapreading as one navigates the road.

Come and hear what Chris can tell us. The story is quite fascinating.

Easingwold Methodist Chapel, commencing at 2.30pm, Members £2,Guests £4 to attend.


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