Forest of Galtres Society


August 28, 2022

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that we have arranged five winter Lecture meetings, 2022 – 2023, for the Society.

The venue for meetings is the Methodist Chapel, Chapel Street, Easingwold. The postcode, should you need it, is YO61 3AE. Please be seated for 7.25pm, and the lecture will commence at 7.30pm. We will hold a raffle. Gifts of prizes for the raffle are always welcome.

At the Methodist Chapel we shall welcome Members in the entrance vestibule to pay £2 entry each, and Guests pay £2 in addition, ie £4 each.

We also offer the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. This time it will be £1 a ticket for the raffle, not for a strip of five tickets. This means less paper needs to be handled but the money handed over remains the same. Please bear with us as we may not hand over any wine bottle to the winner within the building.  A committee member will hand it to you at the door as you leave. Other prizes may be handed to the winner.

Locals will know where to park but for those coming from beyond Easingwold, there is a small amount of parking in front of the Chapel best kept available for those with mobility needs and our speaker for the day. There is some parking space just prior to reaching the Chapel, on the other side of Chapel Street. There is a Hambleton District Council carpark off Showfield Drive, and, of course, there is the market place.

The subscription payment of £10 per person is due in October. ,

We shall be happy to receive subscriptions at the meetings, or if you wish, via the Secretary’s home. Receipts will be issued.

We will benefit from comfortable seating and the IT equipment in our new venue. We shall bring the Society’s laptop and use the resident audio and screen.

It is with much pleasure that we invite Members and Guests to come to our lectures. We very much hope that you can support our events. We look forward to seeing you and sharing with you the winter lectures for which we have made preparation. 

Thank you               Frank Kirk, Chairman

Funded by the National Lottery through Awards for All